Monday, April 2, 2012


finally... they released one single, "Trip" about 6 months back and i've been kind of obsessed with it since I found it.  they've finally released their debut album and i'm loving it so far. perfect for spring listening. hopefully they'll tour soon

Kendra Mack

I recently asked my friend Kendra to let me take pictures of her.  They were taken in my apartment, and these were "test shots." Ha she hadn't put on any make-up or done her hair, but I loved the raw, untouched look. So we stuck with it. It was torture deciding which ones to edit.. out of the MANY taken, there were few I could delete.

sharon VAN etten

 Went to see this girl live last week.  It was an awesome show.. check out her new album, Tramp. Tramp - Sharon Van Etten For how much she drank while on stage, she surprisingly held her pitch very well. I love it when artists are just as good, if not better, live.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MOAB spring break


Once again, my sister Leah serves as my photo muse in a retro-glamour inspired shoot.  Click images to enlarge.

youth lagoon

went to this concert last week and they were awesome live.  check out their equally awesome album. great spring/beginning-of-summer feel good jivey tunes.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

human flight

this is a pretty breathtaking series of skydiving and base-jumping videos shot in switzerland, norway, and france.  ever since i was a kid, like most i'm sure, i've been fascinated with the idea of flying. this is probably the closest i'll actually be able to get. one day..

zola jesus LIVE

Just went to this amazing show last night.  For such a tiny girl (probably around 4'8") she has such a big voice.  She came with Talk Normal, and Night Sweats --also worth checking out.  If she comes to your town, you won't want to miss out.
Conatus (Bonus Track Version) - Zola Jesus

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


ascension to heaven
 This winter has been far from ideal in Utah as it's hardly snowed and temperatures have barely dipped below zero. Those who don't ski probably haven't complained. But this last weekend, after a few decent flurries, conditions were compatible.  Blue skies + Delorean, Destroyer, and Washed Out on shuffle + my favorite areas for untouched powder, made for an awesome day up in PC.