Sunday, July 17, 2011

um, cool

bjork, one of my favorite artists, just posted this on her fb page. i'd never heard of this instrument before, but this is incredible. i want one.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


WHILE the video's level of awesomeness may be debatable. the music's chill n stuff. his/their album comes out aug 23rd

running on EMPTY

this is where you will find me, in the few-hour "breaks" when i am not: at school, work, or the gym. and what do i get the pleasure of doing? homework. blessed hour, upon blessed hour of it. i should probably stop and smell the --well, the grass i suppose. or be glad our country's not at war. well.. or notice the fact i have a bed to sleep in at least 4 hours a night. or maybe i should visualize happy things like BOOMING bank accounts. uhhhhhh --or.. just be grateful. for something.. um.. hmm did i mention it is now 3:44 AM? and i wake up in four and 1/2 hours to do more homework. dear god/oprah. show Thineself! finals on aug 3rd could not come fast enough. eff ma loyf

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FOOD:2-week experiment

So for the past two weeks, i decided to try a no-carb, no-sugar diet. I was partly inspired by my sister, who just tried the similarly trendy Dukan diet (used by Kate and Pippa Middleton), but also because I liked the challenge (the idea of having my abs show through for the first time in a few years didn't hinder me either). I kind of enjoyed cooking new meals, and these were just some of my dishes.
 Hot garlic wings with melted and havarti.
a modified version of CPK's Thai Crunch Salad. delicious..
This one was unique, but extremely good. A sugar-free, no-carb Chocolate Pecan Torte. It used blended pecans instead of flour.
Chipotle Strawberry Tillapia Salad. with red peppers and cilantro dressing. 
mushroom, (lots of) spinach, ham, cheese, pepper, onion, cheddar, omelette!
I must say that for the first three days, I became very good friends with the toilet.. and energy was really low. But after my body adjusted, I had a pretty regular, constant stream of energy --which was great! I also enjoyed gorging myself with as much cheese as I desired. Now that I'm off, I find that apart from cookies, cakes, and sweet things, I don't even have an appetite for carbs, which is also a plus!  

WTRisky business?

Found this on HuffPost today. A 24 yr old Brooklyn girl, Seanna Sharpe, was apparently arrested for performing an aerialist stunt from the top of 300 ft Williamsburg Bridge over East River in New York --without a harness. She told the Wall Street Journal “My goal is to face my fear and to inspire others to face their fears. The first time I did it, I didn’t make it to the top I was so scared. The second time the adrenaline was running high.” So why exactly she was arrested for having balls of iron and being.. . incredibly awesome, has me baffled. But props to Seanna! CLICK HERE for article and another artistic performance of Seanna.

if you happen to see this tonight.. CLICK HERE to donate $5 to bail her our of jail. 


whoa.. kids. and to think one's still missing..

my awesome $5 tee from walmart

Friday, July 1, 2011

disclaimer:LOWE'S doesn't have a very good flower selection..

we sorta had fun. but didn't purchase any.


Maybe it's just because my parents played this all the time when I was growing up.. but I just downloaded this album, and it's been the number one cd bumping in my stereo so far this summer. upbeat, jivey, and just all-around feel good tunes. one of my favorite albums.
Graceland(GET IT).


just ordered these awesome things... among a kajillion other items.. give me a credit card and wifi at night and i will wreak havoc.
also for those of you who mindlessly check The Sartorialist like i do, you'll have seen the recent post on the up-and-coming designer Andrea Pompilio --it's A+ stuff. real neat like. CLICK HERE to view his pdf lookbook
i also took a liking to this military inspired editorial "before the fall" by the new-birthed VMAN magazine