Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FOOD:2-week experiment

So for the past two weeks, i decided to try a no-carb, no-sugar diet. I was partly inspired by my sister, who just tried the similarly trendy Dukan diet (used by Kate and Pippa Middleton), but also because I liked the challenge (the idea of having my abs show through for the first time in a few years didn't hinder me either). I kind of enjoyed cooking new meals, and these were just some of my dishes.
 Hot garlic wings with melted and havarti.
a modified version of CPK's Thai Crunch Salad. delicious..
This one was unique, but extremely good. A sugar-free, no-carb Chocolate Pecan Torte. It used blended pecans instead of flour.
Chipotle Strawberry Tillapia Salad. with red peppers and cilantro dressing. 
mushroom, (lots of) spinach, ham, cheese, pepper, onion, cheddar, omelette!
I must say that for the first three days, I became very good friends with the toilet.. and energy was really low. But after my body adjusted, I had a pretty regular, constant stream of energy --which was great! I also enjoyed gorging myself with as much cheese as I desired. Now that I'm off, I find that apart from cookies, cakes, and sweet things, I don't even have an appetite for carbs, which is also a plus!  

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