Thursday, July 14, 2011

running on EMPTY

this is where you will find me, in the few-hour "breaks" when i am not: at school, work, or the gym. and what do i get the pleasure of doing? homework. blessed hour, upon blessed hour of it. i should probably stop and smell the --well, the grass i suppose. or be glad our country's not at war. well.. or notice the fact i have a bed to sleep in at least 4 hours a night. or maybe i should visualize happy things like BOOMING bank accounts. uhhhhhh --or.. just be grateful. for something.. um.. hmm did i mention it is now 3:44 AM? and i wake up in four and 1/2 hours to do more homework. dear god/oprah. show Thineself! finals on aug 3rd could not come fast enough. eff ma loyf

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