Monday, April 2, 2012


finally... they released one single, "Trip" about 6 months back and i've been kind of obsessed with it since I found it.  they've finally released their debut album and i'm loving it so far. perfect for spring listening. hopefully they'll tour soon

Kendra Mack

I recently asked my friend Kendra to let me take pictures of her.  They were taken in my apartment, and these were "test shots." Ha she hadn't put on any make-up or done her hair, but I loved the raw, untouched look. So we stuck with it. It was torture deciding which ones to edit.. out of the MANY taken, there were few I could delete.

sharon VAN etten

 Went to see this girl live last week.  It was an awesome show.. check out her new album, Tramp. Tramp - Sharon Van Etten For how much she drank while on stage, she surprisingly held her pitch very well. I love it when artists are just as good, if not better, live.