Friday, December 17, 2010

only @ Denny's

in downtown SLC.

2:00am - after finishing a movie, friends and i pull into Denny's parking lot to find 4 cop cars and an ambulance parked with lights flashing. restaurant is packed. what on earth could be going on?
2:10am - after debating whether to go in or not, we decide to. curiosity beat us. while waiting to to be seated a crazed-looking bum enters and begins "inconspicuously" sketching a picture of me with a marker.
2:30am - after waiting to be seated for 20mins we finally get a table. while being seated, an entire medical team of about seven persons and a fireman and two policeman file out. what??? our server informed us, "oh don't worry, it was just a 28 year old girl -she had too much to drink and passed out. she's fine."
2:31am - server leaves to get drinks, homeless artiste appears at our table and seats himself. "i just wanna draw you guys really bad." ooooookay. one of my friends gets up to go to the bathroom -to inform our server of the uninvited guest. server comes over, "uh bart, you can't do this." homeless bumpkin scowls at us and yells, "ya damn whiners!! no respect for the art community whatsoever.." and leaves. ha
2:35am - table next to us asks me to call them a cab because they were too drunk to. really?
***we just want cheese fries**
3:00am - FOOD at last.
3:10:am - a small argument arose between a 24yr old and the 50yr old sassy server, Bert. Bert was accusing him of stealing a $3.00 tip. Bert walks off in a huff muttering, "i'm calling the cops. i'm calling the cops" (in his high nervous voice). "yeah you go do dat! i din't steal ya f**king money." young guy decides to leave with girlfriend. Most of the restaurant is watching now. as they leave to get in their car, Bert and other servers rush to the window to jot down the license plate number. really.
young guy sees this and gets annoyed and marches back into the restaurant. cursing and profanities ensue. young man put his phone on the counter to be able to use hand gestures. nimble Bert snatches his phone and squeals. "you won't get your phone until i get my tip!"
"i don't give a ___ about your f*%kin tip! man i will send the entire f#*kin hood on you!" young guy decides to wait outside for the cops.
FIVE cops cars peel into the parking lot and literally jump on the young guy. young guy apparently couldn't hold his tongue and is handcuffed and thrown into the back of a cop car. Bert who went outside to watch now comes inside with a smirk on his face, a little hip-swing and wrist flick in his stride, and tosses his greasy parted hair back in triunmph.
3:30am - we finally get our check (our poor server slipped on ice outside whist observing the melee).
we leave.
whaaat a night. thank god for the SLPD. heaven knows where we'd all be without them

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