Wednesday, April 13, 2011

VEGAS +gaga

  K so, I haven't been in much of a blogging mood lately, but here's the report on my trip about two weeks ago to Vegas to see the Lady herself.  I have to say it was probably the best trip I've ever been on.  Not only because we saw Gaga, but because an extremely generous, well-connected, and wealthy friend paid for essentially the entire trip! He got us a penthouse in the Rio, rented a private pool, and paid for limos to take us wherever we went. One of the nights, he also bought us dinner at an AMAZING restaurant called the Bayou, and later, a table at The Bank (a nightclub), which was another kickass night.  
Meeting Gaga was fun
Okay so unfortunately that was just a look-a-like; she was still nice. But the concert was greeat, as expected. I've never seen an artist get such a work-out in one performance before; I'm sure that's why she's so thin. Musically and visually inspiring. A+ googs. And thank you "rich friend" for such an incredible trip. May you be blessed.

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  1. Looks cool. Not really keen on her new song or her for that matter, but she's still influential.