Thursday, October 6, 2011

photo assignment

I recently just purchased a Canon 7D and am taking a photo class at the moment. This was my first real assignment and first time really using the camera.  I had to do it around midday so lighting wasn't ideal. I kind of liked the style of the washed-out look, but looking back I probably wouldn't have exposed some of the images as much. My little sister Ruth was an incredible talent though, was she not? She chatted my ear off the entire shoot. I think I shot 400 pictures and these are about the only ones where her mouth wasn't open, telling me some outrageous story or earth-shattering realization."Benjamin. I think eagles come here to lay their eggs! I bet they find mice in these grass. Will a mouse bite me in here? Do mouses bite little girls? I wouldn't if I was a mouse because that's mean. One time in school, we watched a video of a snake and it ate a e-tire mouse. Lots of kids thought it was gross but I didn't. Rachel cried. But I told her it's okay because it's just gonna go to heaven.." And on and on.. haha

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