Wednesday, October 6, 2010

and BEARS! oh my..

The other night there were FIVE bears in town. Just roaming around looking for food (one grizzly "charged five locals" -allegedly). On my way to work I passed swarms of police cars trying to shoot the bears (with guns? tranquillizers? not sure) and crazed animal rights activists running in front of the police. Quite the scene. Unfortunately I didn't have time to stop and watch, AND I didn't have my camera. But something exciting happened here!!! Apparently it was a bad year for food in the mountains, so the bears came down to scrounge in our trash cans. Unfortunately all they'll find in mine are empty mac'n'cheese boxes, eggshells, and tuna cans. MMM. But I also heard that a bear was spotted behind my apartment about a week ago. That's assuring, considering I never know if I'll find one behind the gate on the way to my house at night. Wish me luck tonight.
Hopefully this satisfied your craving for West Yellowstone gossip.

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  1. Yikes! Bears oh my. poo things have to eat and I suppose you can't always carry around raw meat...:-)