Sunday, October 24, 2010

So long MT.

My working term in Montana is finally finished! I thought my last week would go by really slowly and painfully, but sometimes life has a way of taking your prejudices and sweetly strangling them. West Yellowstone, as small and stuck-in-the-eighties as it is, really grew on me.
The sunsets are pretty incredible

I'll miss the coffee and grease smell of the Geyser Grill -and the people I worked with there.
and this.
On one of my last days, I went into the natl park for my first time this summer. Ha embarrassing I know, but hey, we got a free pass. I went with my coworker and close friend Traci and her two little boys. We saw buffalo, deer, elk, and a pack of wolves. 
That night we went and saw the famous geyser, Old Faithful. The moon and (millions of) stars were really bright and lit the fountain with a majestic luminescent glow. Plus there weren't throngs of jabbering and cheering tourists, so we could really hear the eerie rumble of it.
If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend seeing it at night. A top notch experience.
 I had to use up my groceries so here's the last supper I cooked for myself. delicious.
So no more cleaning cabins of filthy people, answering idiotic questions at the front desk, and satisfying grumpy old farts!!!
AND to top it all off, I didn't have to take the bus home. Yeeeeah. 
Long car rides are also one of my favorite things on this planet. They really help to clear my mind and always make me feel.. well, GOOOD. With the killer playlists I had, combined with the scenery, I could have kept driving forever. 
Maybe I'll be a truck driver one day.
..AND back to UT.


  1. Great shot of the geyser with the moon in the background!

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