Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If I was Oprah, I would give my audience free 10hr road trips on "My Favorite Things" episode. My love for them is incomprehensible. As a kid it was: "Are we there yet?" Now it's: "Dammit, we're here." Ten straight hours sitting in a small moving compartment should almost definitely seem undesirable. The drive from Salt Lake to LA isn't always the most scenic drive either. Few parts are stunning, while the rest is just pretty blah and plain --plains? Well they're plain. But with the right playlist, right conversation, right amount of AC, right company.. I can think of little else I'd rather be doing. Although I suppose if sunny LA is your destination (in relation to your own hypothermic hometown), the actual arrival isn't too bad. Lucky for us, the weekend we went, LA was experiencing a heat wave. So it was about 78 degrees for us the entire four days.
We met lots of fun people, had a fun night on the beach, a night in the city, a night in Wee Hoe (west hollywood), a couple days in Santa Monica -it was juuuust neat.
@ some delicious mexican joint on the end of the pier in santa monica

Among the many colorful people we met just happened to be the fabulous Amy Adams. Yes, the celebrity. We had just exited Club Avalon on Hollywood Blvd @ 2am, to discover a large movie set for the new Muppets Movie (woo) in the middle of the street. But our minor disappointment was appeased when Amy Adams herself came -of course - leaping and singing 15 feet in front of us. With it being so late, we were almost the only people observing. So between every take we'd obnoxiously wave at her till she noticed. Unfortunately photography was not allowed, but she briefly greeted us, and pranced away. We watched her film for about an hour, and she even yelled goodbye and wished us a safe trip home when she saw us leaving. We were starstruck for the rest of the night. Oh ya, and Mila Kunis was also on set, which I thought was quite a contrasting film choice after her role in Black Swan. Pretty cool to see her too!
Going from 78 degrees to 21 degrees upon our return to UT, was not the easiest of adjustments.

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