Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last thursday I returned from my first visit to San Francisco. I thought it sounded fun to take the train because I had never travelled by train before in America (plus it was much cheaper). The ride was quite long, but very scenic -and the train was much more comfortable than I imagined. Upon arrival, I met up with some friends who had just completed a 10 day silent meditation course in northern cali.
 The city is beautiful. Definitely the cleanest city I've ever been in -and everyone was weirdly nice and friendly. It felt sort of like a trip to Disneyland. In a good way.
 We stayed in the San Francisco Downtown Hostel which I would recommend to anyone looking to save a dime or two. It's location was fantastic, right in the middle of Union Square; we were within walking distance of just about every shop imaginable. The food of course was incredible just about everywhere we went. The coolest dining experience we had was at a restaurant called, Opaque. It's conception is quite unique; all the servers are legally blind, and you dine in the dark. Pitch black. It was really fun, and the food was delicious. I ordered a cherry-braised duck and mushrooms with a side of steamed grated squash -it was incredible.
One night, we saw the traveling broadway production of a musical I had never heard of before, Next To Normal. I went in with no expectations and it was really, really good. If it comes to your city or you're in New York, definitely check it out.
One of the best trips I've been on yet, and I will definitely be back!

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