Thursday, March 17, 2011


   So it's been a while since I last posted -I've been a little busy. I haven't spent much time on the internet lately, which to be honest, has been pretty awesome! I've gotten so much done.. But two weekends ago we took, yes, yet another four day trip to Cali. We like it. Obviously. 
   Our friend John who was living there temporarily was about to leave for a job on an eight-month cruise, so we went to visit him one last time before he left. We went all over. West Hollywood, Santa Monica, downtown LA, Malibu; we tend to get slightly ADD on our trips ha.
   We just had fun hanging out and walking around in the sun, and eating at some delicious places. The plate pictured above has to my favorite one of the trip --LA Cafe, on 639 South Spring Street downtown LA. The chicken chipotle burrito is what I ordered. I'm not sure if the picture does it complete justice, but it was incredible. One of my friends also got a chicken pesto panini which was to die for! They also deliver 24 hours. So if you're ever in LA, seriously, check it out. Also check out the italian restaurant, Miceli's on Hollywood Blvd. One of my favorite restaurants ever: great ambiance, delicious food, and even live Italian opera singing. Very cool.  So that about wraps up that trip.. I've got to slow down and actually start saving my money sometime soon, but I've got a trip to Vegas in a week to see Lady Gaga in her Monster Ball.  After that, I promise I'll be taking at least a month or two breather ;)

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