Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diamond in the rough.

I had to post this song. As my roommates Melissa, Rachel, and Brooke are into the whole Twilight craze, they introduced me to a song off the soundtrack of the newest movie, Eclipse.
Sia Fuller has been one of my favorite vocalists/songwriters for a long time, and she definitely proves her weight in gold with this record. It's beautiful.

I've only seen the first two Twilight movies, and couldn't stand them. Well the first one was bearable, but the second's script/story/acting was ridiculous - as in the worst kind of ridiculous. And a shame too, because I normally don't mind Chris Weitz' work. But what I can't understand is how the films get such great artists on their soundtracks; I mean their soundtracks are really pretty good. Am I really just "out-of-it" when it comes to a good story? Do these artists really all enjoy Twilight? Or are they simply using the brand to promote their names and fan base? Maybe I shouldn't knock it till I've read it, but I hope it's the latter.

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  1. OoOOoOoh. yeah.
    love that we're all obsessed with this song.