Monday, September 20, 2010

Four days

4 days until i take the salt lake express from west yellowstone to downtown SLC. intinerary: 9:00-16:00. that's a seven hour ride.
4 days until i buy a car. my impatience for this event is nigh-unbearable.
4 days until i get a break from both of my jobs. (the 24th was supposed to mark the end of my summer-work sentence in montana, but i was bribed to stay through october by my boss. i fell for it. plus west yellowstone is growing on me - in strange and highly unexpected ways.)
4 days until i meet my new little brother for the first time (i'm very excited for this, but admittedly feel a little weird about it. all of a sudden i have a new relative that everyone else in the family has met but me). BUT..
4 days until this is no longer the case.
4 days until i see the rest of my family -after two months? i can't wait for this
4 days until i hopefully see some friends that i haven't seen in a long time
4 days until i experience warm weather.
4 days until i sleep in my own bed.
4 days until my period starts
4 days until i don't have three middle-aged construction workers as roommates who vomit in the toilet and "forget" to flush.
4 days until that one wasn't a joke
4 days until i find something else to look forward to


  1. Love this...
    I work in a resort also at the Front Desk, except mine isn't Summer work or extended Summer work.

    It's full full full time, indefinitely. SIGH

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