Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My weekend home...

riding the salt lake express back home. you'd have to kill me to ever live there, but idaho is pretty to drive through. 
they got overexposed by my crappy camera, but out the window in the photo of me were the tetons. it was good to see them again, and reminded me of a time when my brother and I got to go hot-air ballooning through that valley. thaat was amazing
@ my friend olivia's wedding that night. we were best friends in our toddler years. and then on the right; you know how every family has a crazy drunken sibling.. well ours is ruth. she makes me laugh till my stomach hurts

samuel and hannah (left), with our adopted sister natalie (hannah's best friend) 
the night after that we got to go to ANOTHER beautiful outdoor wedding. the wedding of my aunt, Rachelle, who also looked beautiful. it was really good to see all the 2,000 members of my extended family again. really though.

the whole crew on my last night. we ate dinner at a family favorite, rumbi hawaiian grill.
oh yeah aand i got to meet my adorable new baby brother this weekend.

AND i finally bought a car. after two days of last-minute searching. it's nothing fancy, but i paid for it myself and i like it a lot. AND i didn't have to take the bus back
so it was a big weekend, and a good one at that. hopefully enough to recharge me for a remaining 2+1/2 weeks of crustomer service in good ole west yellow 


  1. I like your new ride! It was great to see you Benjamin!!

    i miss you
    i love these pictures
    i want to talk to you
    send me and email (i dont have yours)
    i want to coordinate a time to skype

    love, brookeshlumkins

  3. You have an absolutely gorgeous family! You are a lucky man. :) Congrats on the car purchase.