Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm being deserted

In the past two weeks three of my roommates-for-the-summer have left. Top left, Rachel, was the first to leave. Top right, Melissa was next. Then bottom left, the other Melissa. Now it's just me and Brooke, "the last ones on the island" as she puts it. I miss them all and am glad they let me be a bum and sleep on their futon all summer.
Oh, and I stole these pictures from Brooke's Blog.


  1. The joys of flat sharing. I miss it sometimes.

    Not so much the 'sharing of a bathroom, no hot water, who ate my cheese and why the heck can't you wash the chopping board' aspect of it. Rather the fact there was always someone to talk too and have a laugh with. Good fun.

    Think I might send a quick e-mail to my old flatmate and see what she's up too this weekend.

  2. oh that is tragic. I don't know if I could handle the loss of TWO Melissas. How do you find such fantastic room mates? Mine were always messy and didn't look half as good. I feel for your loss.