Saturday, November 6, 2010

GREAT NEWS: cure for the common cold??

God bless the Brits. The one thing about this time of year that I always detest, is colds. After two weeks of sneezing, sniffing, snorting, and snotting, my immune system finally K.O.'d my cold.  I was just thinking to myself the other day, how in the world have scientists not discovered a cure for the cold yet?! When, I came across this article.
Apparently some english scientists figured out a way to salvage already virus-infected cells. "The study, which is reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that antibodies can enter cells at the same time as the virus invades, triggering of reactions which allows a protein called TRIM21 to eject the bug."
I found another article on this story which said this treatment becomes effective (in eliminating a virus) within only a few hours! Which would be incredible.. 
But, because of the simplicities of pharmaceutical industries, a sellable drug or nasal spray may not be available for another decade. huzzah..
However, another recent American study found that those who are involved in rigorous physical exercise on a routine basis are twice as less likely to catch a cold (something about exercise boosting the level of immune system cells..). So anyways, there's a tip for avoiding them while we await the miracle pill.

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