Monday, November 22, 2010

"Now don’t squat with your spurs on.."

 I almost forgot to post about this..
About a month ago, one of our neighbors who owns a ranch in southern Utah invited my dad, my brother and I to herd some cattle out of the mountains. Ha.. yeah. When my dad first proposed the idea, I have to admit, I almost instantly declined. I'm extremely allergic to horses, the event required waking up at 6am (on a saturday), it was 32 degrees, and well... I just ain't no cowboy. But I've been trying on the whole, "say yes to life" philosophy, and it was reluctant one, but the yes somehow appeared.
And I'm glad it did.
By the end of the day I had a rash of hives, clogged sinuses, my eyes were nearly swollen shut, I could barely walk (9 hrs on horseback is lot).. but it was a pretty awesome day. We herded about seventy "doggies" and guided them probably twenty or so miles back to the ranch. The scenery was incredible, and I had a great time with my dad and brother. I got to wear chaps, crack a whip and yell HEYAWH; really connected with my inner-cowboy.
After spending the summer in west yellowstone, I'm still confused as to why the universe is throwing all these cowboy/western experiences at me. But I think I'm learning to like them..

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  1. AMAZING PHOTOS! Glad you enjoyed your experience in spite of your allergies. Good memories for you and your family.