Wednesday, August 11, 2010


so the picture doesn't quite do the creature justice, but today as i was pumping my abdominals with AbRipper-X, i encountered this. it moved like a miniature dinosaur. it had a long neck much like a diplodicus or brachiosaurus and it's head would oddly turn to look at things. for example, when i was trying to take a picture of it, it would turn its head and look at my camera. it was almost other-worldly. maybe i was just looking for an excuse to pause my exercise, but i believe it would have been a thrilling encounter for an insectologist. pity i'm not one. --well, not really.. but for them at least.


  1. that thing is very scary - did you kill it?

  2. Insectologist? hahaha. I was going to tease you about this new word you've made up, but apparently it's real! Or was at least. It's been replaced by entomologist.

    Did you figure out what the bug is? There's a website called "What's that bug?" [h]. This looks like some sort of mayfly, but I'm not sure. I almost became an entomologist, but stuck with English (an easier subject :) ). Great picture. I love taking pictures of bugs.

    That's the P90X work out, right?