Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"People" Gossip of West Yellowstone

So... don't really know/listen to her music, but Jewel stayed at the Hibernation Station and I got to clean her cabin today. It added a little extra excitement to the day, and I successfully beat the temptation to dish some "hot tips & info" to the popular gossip magazines of things I learned. But "do unto others" I guess..
AND OPRAH? wtf??
her expression is how i feel
Apparently she was here a month ago for a 2 night stay. Our manager only juuust told the vice manager today --who told me. Anyone who knows me and my curious intrigue with the near-Deity, can imagine my utter disappointment and rage surrounding the matter. But it's probably for the better, as I would have undoubtedly resorted to extreme measures to meet her. I suppose I can still claim that I've cleaned her cabin. Just without the fresh Oprah dust.
And last year my friend Melissa Fjelstadado, got to check in an incognito Ryan Reynolds. Rumors say that his girl-friend-at-the-time, Scarlett Johannson was awaiting his return to the car.
So there you have it. Hibernation Station is apparently a celebrity hot spot.
-Oh ya, and I work here. That's gotta count for something too.

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  1. I used to work in a resort and its always big news when a cleb. comes to stay, but here's what I never understood.... These people, these famous and rich people get COMPED most of the time. They can afford to go anywhere and do almost anything , but they get the free ride, but the guy who just wants to go away for the night with his wife ( and or fam) gets to pay full price....gotta love it!