Friday, August 27, 2010

a new song

"Palace In The Air"

So for those of you that don't know yet.. I like to write music. This is a self-produced demo of the newest song I've been working on. Electro/Pop/Dance. Somewhat RedOne/Gaga inspired. I also put an interesting twist on a Les Miserables song for the verse ha.. you'll see. Click the image to visit my artist myspace.


  1. wow you're really good. good luck in LA!!

  2. Gotta say, you're music is pretty interesting. I could see you making it pretty far. Just keep it up, and who knows. We may see you top of the charts someday.

  3. wow your music is great! id buy it! wanna do me a favour and check out my blog and follow too ? thanks.. but seriously i do like your music :L

  4. i like it. . .. .love. ..
    vore baskhah .. .. moutra ^^
    wahye elnaro co^sexs. .. .


  5. Hey great song. And wow all of your music is great. Can't wait for "Palace In The Air" to come out!

  6. nice song! Also, how did you get the music player into your blog?