Friday, August 20, 2010

For your headphones -from the netherlands

robyn from Schveden. these are her new electro thumpin albums.

they rock -plus snoop is on pt. 2

jonsi, frontman of icelandic band, sigur ros

this is a 2010 solo project he did that was released this year. atmospheric, experimental, and true to his style - epic. he's a genius

you're welcome.

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  1. Got to say I love your blog....I listened to a couple of the songs off of those albums and my favorites was "Go Do" and "Boy Lilikoi" by Jonsi. Those songs, like in the first five seconds, put a smile on my face. If you like electro-pop/electric music try Swedish House Mafia, their song "One" is pretty addictive. They're not from the Netherlands, and not as amazing as Jonsi but pretty good all the same.