Thursday, August 19, 2010

the END.

So a couple days ago.. I quit my job as host at Wild West Pizzeria. It was good while it lasted, but when a higher paying job comes around, it's hard for me to focus on anything less; I'm greedy. Plus, working in the same building every night, with the same grumpy employees for about two months straight did not mesh well with my patience or attention span.
Here are some photo's I stole from my friend Brooke Shoko Foster's blog, the FemaleFoodie (photos of the grumpy pain-in-my ___-employees were not included).
me, at my hosting station w/ Alsatia Durfey. except for when she would steal my chair, she was my friend. she would laugh at annoying customers with me to keep me sane. the red-eye fix on this picture is grreat

if i hadn't eaten there every night for the past two months, i'd probably miss the food. it's delicious
the 'raunt
servers: brooke and grant
melissa. cute

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