Saturday, August 21, 2010

a short story..

So here's one. I started my serving job at the Geyser Grill last week. Trish is a (white) southern baptist woman I work with there. She has one of the largest and strongest personalities that I've ever encountered: she says it how she sees it and won't waste a second to think before it all comes out. Most of the time she's hilarious, but..
the other day as we were discussing schedules:
Me: "Wow, I'm so tired of work. I hardly get a break.. I feel like I'm going crazy."
Trish, with a dark wild look in her eyes: "Oh. I know I'm crazy."
(awkward pause)
T: "Mah mother was crazy. A racist too."
Me: "Oh.. haha"
T: "One day she done told a black man she was gonn burn his house down if she eva saw him agin. So this black man, he gets all-offendid! An he starts cussin an swearin -all, 'eff this, eff that.' An wehw(well), you know mah motha?"
i thought the question was rhetorical. but she waited so long I had to shake my head.
T: "Wehw she don't take sh*t from no one! Especially blacks. So she done did it. She burnt his place down. Wait - akshilly half of the apartment complex. And then her own house. See? I told you. An thas a true story."

This was one of those moments that hits me like a friendly punch in the face. I'm actually living in West Yellowstone. Where locals proudly report a 90% drug usage in the population. But I can't dwell on it too long, or I'll get a panic attack. so, THE END.

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  1. This literally just made me laugh out loud. I am from Georgia, so Im imagining her using that accent and telling that ridiculous story...still cracks me up. Thanks